gatherwise is about bringing you quality products. for me this starts at the very begining, the seed. to make the highest quality products it takes the highest quality plants. gatherwise farm was created for quality, using seasonal plants, sustainablility within my business and keeping me mind it’s impact on this planet, conscienceness and availibility. the farm was born in the spring of 2018 and growing everyday. the farm is about a quarter acre of land off the back of our property on the outskirts of portland oregon.

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each planted seed or starter in the gatherwise farm hold a high medicinal quality for optimal benefits for my products. the seeds and baby starts are sourced from local, sustainable farms here in oregon. the use of fresh plants is neccessary for many of my products. hydrosols and specific infusions only work with fresh plant matter, making this herbal farm a priority of mine to insure the highest quality for my products. quality, care and respect, not quantity.

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gatherwise gets about half of all plant matter from the farm or off the land around it. what i can’t grow here or can’t grow the quantity needed i source out to good quality companies and local growers. each plant is harvested at it’s peek, allowing the maximum quality to be dried and stored. all plants are proccessed here at the farm- dried, bottled, infused, blended and 100% cared by loving hands.

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making this farm has been my dream for as long as i can remember. using plants that are grown with my own two hands gives me the satisfaction that each time you use my products you will feel the love and energy that comes with it, from seed to product. i take great responsibiliy in growning, harvesting and using these plants. there is never an ending to the abundance of knowledge and growth that can come from these plants. working with the plants to keeps me in line and in rhythm with the seasons. the plants and i contunue to grow together, making gatherwise stronger each day.