Gatherwise skincare is handcrafted by me, Melissa Fuller, esthetician and herbalist. All products are made on my farm on the outskirts of Portland, Or. This really is a line of skincare made for everyone. I make all my products by hand in small batches for optimal quality with intention, plant medicine and love. I infuse all my products with purposeful plants to help soothe and balance the skin’s natural healing cycle. Each item is formulated with the intention to heal, soothe, restore and regulate your skin. By working with the plants own healing purpose we can help your skin regulate the balance it needs with simple yet effective products.

Everything I offer is brought to your skin with care and quality. The plants I use are wildcrafted whenever possible and otherwise from organic suppliers and good quality sources.

This is what I want to give my community, a plant infused daily skincare for all people, for those sensitive skin folks, earth conscious, locally/community minded, quality driven, passionate and lovers of all things beautiful.

I hope these products find you. Connect with me. Let’s figure out what the plant medicine around us can do for you.

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-BUTTON CONSIGNMENT, IN PORTLAND  6517 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR

-TUMBLEWEED, IN PORTLAND, OR       1812 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR


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